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Probably one of the most unusual and effective treatments I have ever had. A stubborn bruise like soreness on one of my thoracic vertebrae had been bothering me for months, refusing to respond to all of the therapies that I tried to relieve it. Osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage and even acupuncture all failed to deliver any significant changes to my symptoms, which whilst not severe or disabling in any way, were constant and present enough to be affecting my mood and my ability to treat multiple patients in a day.

Enter Duran and Andy Mack. This father and son team have a contagiously cheerful and relaxed manner that intrigued me from the minute I walked into their treatment room. Tucked away in a stylish basement of a high-end central London spa, they work their special ‘bone-setting’ magic on patient after patient, with remarkable results. Positive testimonials, Instagram posts and ‘before & after’ pictures abound from their happy clients who consistently feel compelled to rave about their services. Normally this would make me a little suspicious, but I have to admit after 2 sessions the discomfort and soreness in my back had disappeared.

When not setting bones, these guys are studying with their ‘Sifu’ Adam Mizner (link), running workshops and teaching Tai Chi around the world. I would highly recommend catching up with them if you can.

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