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a little bit more about me...

Chinese medicine maintains that our health is continually affected by our external environment and our reactions to that environment. Those reactions are in turn dictated by our internal emotional and physiological makeup, and this manifests differently in each individual. I combine careful observation and palpation of the body in order to tailor my treatment to your unique circumstances, and to focus on addressing the symptoms you are exhibiting.

Since graduating I have furthered my studies with many wonderful teachers, but most consistently under the superb guidance of Andrew Nugent-Head, whose style of Classical Chinese Medicine has influenced me greatly. His focus on effective and tangible treatments to produce observable and repeatable results has taken my understanding and application of the principles of Chinese medicine to another level altogether. This year I joined his group of Senior Practitioners, which entails a high level of continual commitment to the practice and development of classical acupuncture.

This style of classical acupuncture has as its foundation principles that are outlined in the original texts of Daoism and Chinese Medicine, compiled over 2000 years ago. Inherent in the system is an onus on the practitioner to cultivate their own health and sensitivity (maintaining a regular practice of qigong/taichi), which facilitates our work and enables us to advise our patients from an honest place of experienced learning. I am currently also studying Chinese Herbal Medicine, again rooted in a very classical approach, with Arnaud Versluys and the ICEAM school.

My main location for practice is Yuji  Chinese Medicine in Somerstown, NW1. Here I have the very great fortune of working with a number of other highly skilled and experienced practitioners. As a team we practice in very hands on and practical way, paying a lot of attention to physical structure and alignment as well as incorporating the more subtle aspects of diagnosis into our assessment of patients. 

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